Community Transformation Ministry

Community Transformation Ministry (CTM) is achieved through regional alliances of churches, operating in regional collaborations with representatives from the nonprofit, business, education and governmental sectors of society.  These collaborations work together to reduce and eliminate poverty and its associated ills, including crime, as they produce increased regional prosperity through community economic development.  Through faith-based job training, entrepreneurial efforts and job creation in emerging fields like solar energy and environmentally safe waste management, families that have been trapped in poverty are able to move from the economic lower classes into the middle-class society.  This changes the economic trajectory of adults and allows the next generation access to opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Community Transformation is GOD's church putting into practice what is preached on Sunday morning.  It is the gospel acted out by Christians impacting the felt needs of the communities they live in.  We believe that there is great power for the advancement of God's Kingdom unleashed when the word of God and the actions of the people of GOD match.


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